Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Apartment

Nothing makes you feel like a grown-up quite as much as moving into your very own apartment. Sure, this one was technically on the top floor of a student dorm, but it was all mine. What's more, it had it's very own living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. I even have a full size fridge. That's right, you know you've graduated college when you've moved on from the mini fridge. Oh, and the laundry room's right next door. The first two things that convinced me that I would like this place was that there were ice cube trays in the freezer and mosquito zappers outside. Together, these two would help feed my ice addiction and help eradicate my horribly whiney reaction every time that I encounter my archenemy- the mosquito.

Anyway, back to the apartment. It's not much, but it's more than enough size for one person. Plus, when you only bring a 50 pound suitcase, how much space do you really need? It's not like it was completely empty though. I had a basic bed, wardrobe, and desk combo in my bedroom. A table with TWO chairs, a small (and slightly uncomfortable) couch, and a china cabinet were already in my living room. There was also a small TV in said cabinet. Jokes on me though because its cables don't work. Even if it did though, I'm not sure that I would make a habit of watching any of the local channels that I, more than likely, will never understand. There was also a hot plate, microwave, and rice cooker in my kitchen.

Jackpot of all jackpots though, we found a few bags of things left in the office by people who worked here last year. This is where we really made it big as I ended up with a pot, a pan, 3 forks, and a couple of plates and bowls to outfit my kitchen.  While this may seem too good to be true, I really lucked out. The other two got bedding out of the deal, but they had to hunt down their own pans. Oddly enough, the hot plates here apparently require magnetic pans. Who knew that was even a thing? I did score an excellent Hello Kitty duvet cover and a Lilo & Stitch throw pillow. I actually despise Hello Kitty, but it was super soft. I put it on my couch for awhile until I couldn't stand it anymore. I didn't want people to get the wrong impression.

When I said that I didn't have a roommate, that was true. However, the other two did have a slight cockroach problem. By slight, I mean abnormally large creatures who can withstand nuclear warfare. I'm not sure if they already do, but militaries should really design body armor after these things. I spent my first few days paranoid that I would come across some of these pesky little demons in my own abode. I knew there had been sightings in my own building, as well as outside, but so far so good. There was also a giant spider in one of the other apartments that I dread finding in my own. The geckos in the other apartment didn't seem like a big deal to me. I mean, how bad can it be; at least it's somebody to talk to. They're perfectly harmless, after all. This all sounded good and brave, except then I found one in my own apartment.

It's not like geckos scare me, because obviously they don't. But they are a bit off-putting.  Nobody likes strange things darting around in their peripherals. But I had to be strong. And it was way too cute to try to kill. I captured that gecko in one of my precious cups and took it outside. My mother would be proud.

I also asserted my grown-upness when I fixed my hot water heater. Ok, so I didn't really do much but jiggle the batteries around underneath, but that's still pretty impressive. This hot water heater means I have to relight the pilot light every time I want hot water to shower or to wash dishes. So it's pretty important! So there!

All in all, I really like my new digs. There are definitely pros and cons of living alone, but there's nobody to get annoyed with me if I don't do the dishes right away. I do prefer my old college roommates to the geckos though. They were way more fun, and I never had to worry about them crawling on the walls above me when I'm sleeping. That would really be the horror movie from Hell.

Here's a couple of pictures of the place:
Here's the kitchen. There's some super heavy fire door to squeeze around,
so you can't cram too many people in at a time.

The living room. Please disregard the atrocious Hello Kitty blanket.

The bedroom. And, yes, that's Stitch. 

Please note how the kitchen cabinets are so high that they can
swing completely open without even grazing the top of my head.

The view from my apartment. The green topped building in the distance is the
 MTR station to take you to anywhere in Hong Kong.

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  1. Curious about living in Asia, specifically Hong Kong and how it might differ from living in Taiwan (my stint), it was fun to find and read your blog! Thanks for writing, looking forward to updates.